Monday, March 5, 2007

Some new projects

I'm going to be building a new web application soon, on my own time, by myself. It's going to make me a ton of money. Seriously... it will.

Of course, I can't tell you what it's for, because it's MY idea. I have a market to sell to, I can demonstrate ROI, and it will be easier and cheaper with more features than any of the other alternatives out there.

I'm so going to make a ton of money.

So yesterday, I finally had the "ah-hah!" about the relationship between my server code, the visual components, and the web site design, happened while working on the Black Dicks site. This website was the key that unlocked all understanding. I totally get how I can organize the presentation layer using DIV sections, JSF, Struts, and CSS. I finally get it! This is so totally going to rule...

So, once I get this really going and I'm ready to roll out to some beta users (which may be in a couple of months), I may need some good web designer to handle the CSS for me.... anyone have any ideas? I'll pay!

Also, I have a friend who owns his own software company and is quite successful with it. They have almost 50 employees on 3 floors! Anyway, he has an idea for a web application as well, and wants to have me build it. He wants me to set up a company, hire some programmers, and make it happen. He says he can sell the whole thing in a year for $10 mil. I'm so goingto make a ton of money!

So wish me luck in these two ventures.

I hope life's not toying with me.